When to Consider Repainting Your Home Interiors

While your home exterior usually encounters the harsh elements, the interior undergoes issues like living wear and tear, marks, grease, dampness, knocks, and bumps. Though interior walls are not that high-maintenance compared to your home exterior, they still require to be repainted at some point in time.  

Repainting totally depends on which surface, where it is located in your house, and the quality of workmanship it got. Basically, all interior surfaces experience their distinct trying task of keeping new against wear and tear. Here is a basic guide to the various spaces and frames you might encounter in your house that you need to consider: 

Door and window frames 

Your times do not need paint as frequently compared to other areas and parts in your house. Although, when you do not periodically have these areas cleaned, dust and dirt can degrade the paint eventually. We recommend that you have your trims repainted after 5-6 years.  


This room collects the most sun within your house. Because of this, its paint tends to peel easily. For this area, it’s highly recommendable to have it painted every 2-3 years.  

Laundry room and bathroom 

These areas are typically high in humidity, which can eventually make your paint wear at the highest rate. Basically, such rooms must be repainted every 2-4 years.  

Dining rooms and living rooms 

Commonly, such areas will be needing some repainting session after every 5-7 years. Usually, our living rooms and dining rooms are low traffic spaces and you may consider repainting it to spruce up your style.  


The bedrooms of your kids are usually a high toy, high drawing, and high-traffic areas. Hence, they basically need to be repainted often for every 2-3 years. On the other hand, the main bedrooms may just be needed to be applied to a new coat once every 10 years.  

Skirting boards and baseboards 

The most bruised and battered parts of your home are our baseboards and skirting boards. Because of that, they need to be repainted every 2-3 years if you want to keep up their look.  


Our kitchen is arguably the busiest place in our homes, which is constantly exposed to tons of smoke, steam, and grease splatter that can eventually accumulate on your paint. Kitchens need to be repainted every 4-5 years for you to remove the accumulated odors and stains.   

Corridors and hallways 

These areas need to be repainted every 2-3 years because they usually get a high level of traffic. As a result, they tend to get the most dings, scratches, and scuff marks.   

Moreover, you can do other approaches to determine whether a particular area needs to be repainted now. This includes checking your home and asking the following questions to yourself: 

  • Are you preparing to sell your house? 
  • Do you want to have a new home décor? 
  • Has the paint been subjected to sunlight or high humidity? 
  • Does the paint look damaged, chipped, or scuffed? 

If you’re planning to have your home repainted, always leave this painting Reno project to the residential painters.