Common Carpet Issues

One of the coziest things that almost every homeowner invests in is carpets. It offers warmth and comfort to our feet. However, it can also gather a lot of dirt inside the house.  

Carpet cleaning isn’t a thing that could be done easily. It includes dealing with many complicated things that could affect the cleanliness of the carpet. Aside from that, carpets should be cleaned 1-2 times every month. This is particularly true for areas that get the most traffic.  

Before you hire a residential carpet cleaning South West London company, here are several common carpet issues you should know: 

Damaged Carpet 

The carpet that you purchase is made to endure excessive amounts of vacuuming. But, there are vacuums that are extremely aggressive towards carpets. Looking for the right vacuum to utilize in cleaning out your carpets can be an extremely hard job since there are vacuums that aren’t able to extract the dirt embedded in your carpet’s deep fibers.  

Thus, you’ve got to hire a carpet cleaner that utilizes the right vacuum cleaner. This will avoid carpet damage.  

Carpet Browning 

If you choose to clean your carpets, you might experience a brown area just after the job is done. Usually, the reason for this is wicking of the carpet. This happens because a carpet stain has embedded on the fibers of the carpet.  

The stain becomes noticeable on the surface when the fibers of your carpet get moist. A professional carpet cleaning company will know what it takes to properly tackle carpet browning and wicking.  

Typically, it can be removed with spot treatment and enables the carpet to quickly dry. Cleaning your carpets regularly is also vital to guarantee that it’s free from wicking and browning. 

Don’t forget to guarantee they’re doing an excellent job if you choose to hire a professional.  

Furniture Stains 

Cleaning a carpet should pose as a hard job. This is particularly true if your carpet is filled with furniture stains caused by constant contact with a couple of furniture. It isn’t easy to get rid of a furniture stain and will need you to be a professional in carpet cleaning.  

You need to buy plastic tabs to lower the dangers of having unappealing furniture stains in the carpets after you’ve already cleaned the carpet.  


Another common issue with carpet is ripping. Ripping out a part of your carpet accidentally can lead to carpet replacement. therefore, if you clean out your carpets, you’ve got to ensure you exert extra effort to prevent overstretching to its limits.  

Because of this, it’s extremely recommended to go to a reliable carpet cleaning service in this regard rather than cleaning your carpets on your own.  


This is the most common problems. When carpet cleaning, most homeowners make the mistake of over-wetting the carpet. Oftentimes, this will pose as a difficult issue since you shouldn’t apply more water than what your carpet is able to hold.  

This issue typically leads to the carpet attracting more soil and grit. Thus, your carpet will look ugly.